Chloe's Story

We all are filled with stories, some positive, and some not so much.  When one of our mentors picked up Chloe for her hospital appointment they had a long drive ahead of them.  On the way, Chloe spoke in detail about her long history of anxiety and low self-esteem.  Her negative story dominated her world and her opinion of herself.  

Everyone has a ‘story’ of their life, and in reality we are all a mix of multiple stories that weave together to make a whole. Often, people we work with can struggle with one dominant, negative story that overwhelms the rest.  Our mentors help them by listening carefully for glimmers of positive stories that challenge the negative and help our clients value these parts of their history and lives.

One of the areas Chloe struggled with was her lack of education - she believed she couldn’t learn.  On the journey to hospital, she mentioned her love of orchids.  It turned out that one of her coping strategies with her severe anxiety was looking after these unusual flowers.  Chloe had become a self-taught orchid expert, researching them extensively.  This was just one ‘story’ that proved that she could learn effectively and her mentor was delighted to be able to encourage her in that, and help her celebrate it.  This was an intrinsic part of her history that brought light into the darkness, and her face shone as she spoke of them.

Could you bring out the best in someone? Our mentors are an integral part of the SWCC team. We will be running our next training days for mentors soon (exact dates to be confirmed). If you would like to explore the role of mentoring with us, please get in touch on 01392 284285 or email