Giving people hope for the future

Here at South West Community Chaplaincy, we usually start working with a client months before they are released from prison. We will meet them on a regular basis – perhaps once a week or once a fortnight – and our aim initially is to develop a rapport with them. 

We listen to what they have to say so that we can understand their hopes, fears and expectations for the future. This is the first experience of being listened to for many of our clients. Building their trust in us is the most vital part of the process.

We work at the client’s speed. When they’re ready, we start helping them to create a plan of how they will achieve their goals when they’re released. With a clear plan in place we then go about supporting them to achieve their aims through practical support, mentoring and advocacy. This support takes place on an ongoing, or as-needed, basis.

Our strength is in our partnerships. SWCC helps clients to achieve their goals by working in conjunction with a range of organisations, faith communities and volunteers. Ours is a network of support, with each client at its heart.