An unexpected invitation

Guest blog-writer Sophie is one of our newer trustees. She brings a wealth of experience, and joined us in 2021.

Locked-up potential: a phrase often-used in the prison ministry world and one that many outside it might dismiss as inaccurate or sentimental wishful thinking. Conversely, in my experience of working with those in and leaving prison, it is an entirely valid summary of many of the men and women who find themselves in our prison system.

Although there is no excuse for making bad choices, people find themselves in prison for many and varied reasons. South West Community Chaplaincy make new starts possible, by providing all-round support for men and women leaving prison, so when I was invited to be a Trustee of this wonderful charity, I was both honoured and hesitant. Honoured to have been thought of; hesitant about what I could bring.

Many of the men and women that I have met in the prison ministry world have been far more of an inspiration to me than I will have been to them. Some have helped me realise aspects of my own locked-up potential and I hope that in this role of Trustee, I will be able to help raise up more mentors who will call out the gold in the people they are supporting and show them they are loved and valued and that they themselves can be part of the transformation our society so desperately needs.